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Soontop Technology Co., Ltd., is privately held by a team of experienced engineers and managers, founded in Chia-Yi City, Taiwan.   Equipped with highly precise SMT machinery and assembly production lines, we are entitled to flexibly accommodate production plans to varied demands from customers for small or large quantity.   Over the years, embarking on PCBA, and EMS, we well knew how to elaborate quality products that can definitely satisfy our customers.

Soontop Technology Co., Ltd., enjoying the management and R&D team who are deeply crazy over applications of Lithium-Ion batteries and solar cells, has been long devoted to researching and developing Li-Ion battery PCM( Protection Circuit Module), BMS(Battery Management System), Portable Power Bank, Bank-up Battery, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Power Supply System, Solar LED Lighting Power Control System and those combinations of both as a power supply system in use for energy-saving and environment-friendly products.

Besides, we apply ourselves to integrating LiFePO4 battery with solar cells as a power supply system for projects away from utility grid or environment-protecting orientation.  They are basically framed into an easy-to-install turnkey for practical use.  More than 90% of the products from design to completion are in-house manufactured and quality-controlled.  We mean to guarantee customers with the best products and punctual shipment.

We supply our customers with one stop direct sale.  Stable quality and reasonable prices are essential concerns in behalf of our customers.  The multi-unit demand on a system can little totally be satisfied just by the given, limited specifications of the product.  There are many individual applications and special requirements from different customers.  Their choices shall be correctly directed to the exact products. Still more, a lot of times, we must be able to grasp the core of their requirements through efficient, technical discussions.   We always bend ourselves carefully to listening to the difference of their projects, so we are willing to leave our products some room for customers to name their particular requirements we will do as asked for.

Whatever you are in need for, we will seriously consider and will be bound to understand your want and problems, let’s help meet with them and attack them.

We are ready to back customer up with the most eligible battery pack and the parts for the system of reliability and durability.  We can thereby ensure its deserving cycle life and the highest efficiency both for the battery, and the power supply system.  This will be a great help to facilitate the product to display its outstanding functions and smashing product features.

Our R&D team also always hold themselves ready to help customers develop their innovative products by sure and prompt steps. What customers most care about is our top concern.  We do know this, and we leave no stone unturned to answer their expectation. This is the very thing we never forget!
Product category and service
A.Battery Management System (BMS)/Battery Protection Circuit Module(PCM)
  Application: Li-Ion battery, such as Li-Co battery, Li-Mn battery, Li-Po battery, and LiFePO4 battery, which can be perfectly tied up with solar power supply system, thank to its durability for poor ambient conditions and against frequent maintenance.
1.1S~16S Li-Ion Battery BMS/ PCM and customized products
For power tool, sea scooter, RC model car, E-bike, thermal clothing, solar energy storage Li-Ion battery, etc.
2.Li-Ion Battery Voltage-Balance/Monitoring System (VMS)
   We have resistive Cell Balancer with bleeding current from 50mA to 1A as passive voltage balancing capability.
3.Portable Power Bank/ Bank-up Power/ Power station/Jump Start Battery
  For Power Bank for medical nursing cart, Solar Power bank, 3C consumer mobile power bank, Emergency Bank-up Power, Power bank for car or outdoor work.
4.DC/DC Converter
5.DC UPS with Li-Ion battery built-in
  For Indoor/outdoor security surveillance system, In-car DC UPS for 3C products, and UPS power supply for critical equipments, etc.
6.Li-Ion Battery Packs
7.Li-Ion Battery Charger
Our PCM/BMS is designed for its specific applications, on the basis of unique characteristics of Li-Ion battery, aiming to attack the usual distinctive problems for Li-Ion batteries as known, used in different demand for drain current.  Besides the fundamental protections against such as over-charge voltage / over-discharge voltage/ over-discharge current/ over heat, our PCM/BMS still has the following features.
Product features and technical advantages:
1.Highly efficient charging mode of CCP- CVP, which realizes a quick charge.
2.Able to detect nearly real volts, PCM/BMS tackles voltage level, balancing voltage variance among cells.
3.During an idle condition, some BMS will consume only u A current dissipation or even less for battery packs.
4.Smart BMS able to judge between over-discharge-cutoff voltage and a sharp step-down in voltage due to an instantaneous demand from a heavy load, next to short circuit but not.
 B.Solar Power Supply System.
   Solar Power Supply System/Solar Charge Controller
   Applied to Solar LED Street light Power Supply System, Solar Sensor Light Power Supply System, IP Camera/CCTV Camera Solar Sower Supply System. Small Home Solar Power Supply System Box and Cabinet, etc.
C.PCBA and Product Design
1.OBM: Original Brand Manufacturing.
2.ODM: Original Design Manufacturing
3.EMS/OEM: Electronics contract Manufacturing Services for our partners.
We have fruitful experiences in designing and manufacturing electronic boards  of a wide range of industries.  Our management and versed engineers know what you care about. We are always particular about stable quality products and punctual delivery, which really help us to gain credit and support from customers.
We are competent to offer our customers a series of production techniques from function planning, circuit design, PCB Layout ,through manufacture and product assembly.  Complete and perfect solutions to help customers shorten the passage of time for marketing their products may optimize their production plans and cost strategies.  We are really the best partner for trading companies.
Your company is applying itself to the global marketing.   This must spend your all your efforts.  As to production, you can rely on our ardent and trust-worthy service.   Let’s set out serving your company and become your faithful helpmate from today on.