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BS-216M0 2S Li-ion battery PCM/BMS
2S Li-ion/LiFePO4 battery PCM/BMS
‧2S Li-ion battery PCM/BMS. Smart battery management system.
‧No need for a CC/CV charger. With charging circuit inside, just an AC/DC switch adapter can well serve as a charger.
‧Not just impulsive protections usually designed, but also well-advised management system in this PCM/BMS.
‧Exact voltage detecting design enables our BMS to manage your battery pack on a smooth way.
‧Smart voltage-monitoring design helps battery pack always supply power at its best whenever it can work.

A charging mode driven by Constant-current pulse/constant-voltage pulse charging method (CCP/CVP), can fully charge your battery. It is innovative and highly efficient.
Real fast charge lessens your waiting time.
LED indicator design shows the status of charge and discharge.
Low battery alarm reminds you how much you can have it work.

 A smart voltage-detecting unit catches exactly for low voltage under a load.

It shows very low current dissipation even in Shutdown Quiescent status, when it is still attached with a load.

SB-216M0 2S Li-ion battery PCM/BMS

Electric characteristcs : For Li-ion battery such as LiMn, LiPO, LFP

Item  Condition:single cell  Min  Typical  Max  Unit
Output voltage  A single cell  2.50  3.70  4.20  V
Charging current  Constant-Current Pulse/ Constant-Voltage Pulse charging method  (CCP/CVP)   0.5  2  3  mA
Continuous output current  Current supply via MOSFET  4.5  5  5.5  A
Peak current  Within 600mS   -  15  -  A
Charging voltage  Voltage at full charge   4.18  4.20  4.23  V
Over-charge cutoff voltage  Charging protection Voltage  4.20  4.25  4.30  V
Over-charge cutoff voltage delay time Charge protection Voltage   0.5  1  1.5  S
Over-discharge cutoff voltage  Discharge protection Voltage  2.65  2.7  2.75  V
Over-discharge cutoff voltage
under dynamic monitored current
Adjustable floating ratio of voltage/current under different load  -  d2.7V  -  V
Over-discharge cutoff voltage delay time Executing protection on a floating ratio of voltage/current giving an signal  0.5   1  1.5  sec
Charge temperature  Ambient temperature at charge   0  25  45  C
Discharge temperature  Ambient temperature at discharge   -20  25  60  C
No Shutdown Quiescent Current No power consumption happens during SW off or during SW on, while battery is at discharge cutoff voltage   -  -  0  uA
LED Indicator Green / Red Leds show signals of battery status